The Fallen Symmetry – Renacer en la Tormenta


1 – Invisible
2 – Renacer en la Tormenta
3 – El Último Despertar
4 – Reflejos de Ilusión
5 – Sin Mirar Atrás
6 – Memorias de un Abismo
7 – Sombras y Miedos
8 – Perdidos
9 – El Gran Descenso
10 – Fields of the Fallen

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-TheFallenSymmetry is a peruvian based Metal band born in 2011.
-TheFallenSymmetry makes Metal. We use a little from here, a little from there, we don´t like to put ourselves in one category. We enjoy Thrash, Metalcore, Power Metal, Death Metal and of course Classic Heavy Metal.
-TheFallenSymmetry works with english based lyrics, even though we live in a spanish speaking country. We believe Metal is global and everyone must have a chance to interact with our music and understand our lyrics.
-TheFallenSymmetry is looking forward to play anywhere, anytime that there is a crowd that wants to headbang for a little while!
Integrantes del grupo
Gustavo Fernandez Zaferson – [Voz/Vocals] Nicolás Morales – [Guitarra/Growlings] Pepe Irei – [Guitarra/Guitars]
Brian Henriquez – [Bajo/Bass] Frank Cordova – [Teclado/Keyboards] Pepe Ormeño – [Bateria/Drums]
Ciudad de origen: Lima, Perú
2011 – Fundación y demo ¨Following your Lies¨
2012 – 1er disco ¨Code Black¨
2016 – 2do disco ¨Renacer en la Tormenta¨
2017 – 3er disco ¨Renacer Vivo¨
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